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Slipper Styles for the Lunar Lady

brooks leopard slipper

Slipper Styles for the Lunar Lady

One of life’s little luxuries is definitely getting home from work or a night on the town and changing into your comfies, am I right? Taking off your heels and putting on your favourite pair of slippers feels like heaven on earth and here at Lunar, we believe in bringing the best to our customer, to leave them feeling satisfied with their purchase and recommending us to their friends! Here we have put together a guide on the different styles of slipper for ladies that we have to ensure that we offer something for everyone, starting from just £7.99!


Mule Slippers

We offer an extensive range of Mule style slippers for ladies who prefer something a little more breathable when pottering around the house or garden. Perfect for Spring-time, this style provides comfort and is easy to slip on and off for wear. Check out our top three recommendations of Mule slippers here at Lunar.

monarch butterfly mule


Monarch Butterfly Slipper – £9.99

galaxy slipper



Galaxy Slipper – £19.99

doris slipper

Doris Slipper – £16.99



Low Wedge Slippers

For ladies seeking something a little different with their slippers, here at Lunar, we offer a selection of low wedge slippers that are easy to slip on and off, comfortable and provide support for the foot.

michelle ocelot slipper

Michelle Ocelot Slipper – £22.99

paloma leopard trim slipper

Paloma Leopard Trim Slipper – £22.99



Pump Slippers

Pump style slippers are ideal for a casual, simple style to wear around the house and providing a secure fit on the foot. We have a selection of styles accessorised with pom poms and ribbons to suit everyone’s preference!

brooks leopard slipper

Brooks Slipper – £21.50

twizzle knit slipper

Twizzle Knit Slipper – £24.99

denise II slipper

Denise II Slipper – £19.99



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