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January nights in cosy slippers

cosy slippers

January nights in cosy slippers

As the chilly winter months continue to draw on, with darker nights and frosty mornings set to continue this January, it’s certainly not time to stop cosying up! If you’re partial to a night in snuggling up during January, a good slipper is an essential to keep your tootsies warm. Whatever your preference, Lunar have an array of slipper styles to suit you and your needs! With a whole host to choose from, here are our favourite, cosy slipper options to keep you cosy this January…

Lunar Paloma Leopard Trim Slipper


Our Paloma leopard trim slipper incorporates a fabulous low wedge heel for extra comfort and Leopard print upper trims for that eye catching moment with a gold fastener detail. The Rubber sole provides longer life and excellent grip from the start. The insoles of the shoe are padded and provide warmth and comfort to the wearer!

Lunar Michelle Ocelot Slipper


The Michelle ocelot print slipper is the mule version of our Paloma Slipper. The Rubber Sole provides longevity and ultimate comfort while the easy mule design makes this little gem an easy bet to slip on and off when you are in need of footwear to put on to run to the bottom of the garden.

Lunar Doris Slipper


One of the comfiest slip on Mule Style Slippers, the ultra soft lining will feel like you are walking on clouds paired with a padded insole, what more could you ask for. This slipper also comes in an array of colours including red, blue, beige, and purple.

Lunar Daisy Slipper


Stay warm this winter in these cosy bootie style slippers from Lunar, featuring a super soft textile upper and a stylish floral design. Also available in blue!

Lunar Moira Floral Slipper


Moira is a comfortable and light slipper perfect for day to day wear around the house and pottering in the garden and tending the flowers. Sit back put your feet up and relax with this light, warm and comfortable mule.

Lunar Diva Fleece Trim Slipper


The Diva comes in three colour choices Grey, Blue or Pink and this gives the customer a choice to see which goes best with their pj’s or dressing gown, we at lunar love our comfort and would come into our offices in slippers everyday of the year. The warm fleece upper of the slipper is designed to keep the heat in and provide a luxurious feel.
These top Lunar slipper picks are guaranteed to keep you cosy this January! If you are interested in any of our Lunar slippers we offer free mainland delivery on orders over £35 and worldwide shipping! However, that’s not all we do, so be sure to browse our website to see our full range of shoes. If you are interested in any collections or simply have an enquiry about one of our products, do not hesitate to contact us today! We would love to hear from you!