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The history of slippers

The history of slippers

Everyone loves a great pair of slippers, but do we really know where they originated from or why they are such a staple piece in our lives. Well here is your chance to find out!


How were slippers invented?

The name slippers originally comes from Vietnam in the 12th century. As it was originally used as an indoor shoe to be able to slip on and off while walking on Persian carpets. However, in today’s society, slippers are mainly used to provide warmth and comfort inside the home, worn by both men and women.


Are slippers bad for your feet?

Many people say slippers are bad for your feet, however, this depends on the structure of the shoe. And here at Lunar we develop slippers which have a good structure for the feet. As we know what is a good shape to help the foot stay in the right position, helping in the future for no injuries.


Taking care of slippers

We all take care of our outdoor shoes, making sure they are clean etc. However, we don’t usually pay that much attention to the care and condition of our slippers. Therefore, we have a guide to help you make the most of your slippers and keep them in the best condition possible.


  • Make sure your slippers are machine washable, if they are, then put them in at the correct temperature on a slow, short spin.
  • Never wring slippers. They will lose their shape, so instead use a towel to soak up some of the water, then allow to dry naturally.
  • Every now and then, put some wipes in the slippers, this will stop the slippers from smelling and ensure they are up to the best quality.


If you would like to take a look at our range of slippers, then take a look at our slipper range. We have everything from boot slippers, fluffy slippers to open back slippers.