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Facts you never knew about sandals

Facts you never knew about sandals

Sandals are the perfect footwear for summer. But nobody really knows much about where they originated from or any facts about them. Therefore, we have some great facts about the origin of them and some fun ones you can tell your friends!


#1 The origin of sandals

Sandals were first worn by ancient Egyptians which were made up of papyrus and palm leaves. Egyptians used to draw the faces of their rivals on the sandals so they had satisfaction in standing on them when walking! Also owning some were a sign of wealth, as not everybody could afford them, with the higher up the straps of the sandals went, the more wealth and prosperity you had.


#2 War souvenirs

World War 2 helped make sandals popular in the west, with the soldiers who fought in Japan returning with Japanese zori sandals. Showing them off to everyone back at home. And therefore making them a shoe which most people will have in their wardrobe today.


#3 Wedding exchange

In ancient Incan culture, a couple were not consider wed unless they exchanged their sandals. Fortunately, this is a tradition was has not stuck…so don’t worry you don’t have to wear your partner’s today!


#4 Expensive sandals

Many of us own many sandals, and usually they are not expensive. However, you can find yourself paying extreme prices if you wanted to. The most expensive sandals cost $18,000 – Don’t worry our sandals don’t cost that much! The Los Angeles artist David Palmer has hand painted them, with an 18 carat gold Chipkos emblem and mahogany wood bottom.


#5 Flip flops?

Many of us use the two terms – flip flops and sandals interchangeable. However, although they are similar there is a difference! All flip flops are sandals but not all sandals are flip flops. We will let you think about that one…

summer sandal - flip flop

If you now want a brand new pair of sandals, and ones which don’t cost $18,000, then take a look at our selection of sandals. There is something to suit everyone.