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How to keep your shoes looking brand new – shoes care tips

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How to keep your shoes looking brand new – shoes care tips

Many think shoes are an item which have to be changed often. However, if you look after your shoes well, they can stay with you for years to come. So we have a come up with a guide for the best shoes care tips.


#1 clean your shoes

Although this sounds obvious, cleaning your shoes regularly helps maintain the quality of your shoes. So not only do they look good but also stay feeling good. What you use to clean your shoes depends on what material your shoe is made out of.

Firstly, remove any laces you may have on your shoes. These only get in the way and they need to be separately washed in the washing machine to help them keep looking sparkling.

If your shoes are muddy or dirty, make sure you wait till the mud or dirt is fully dry before you start. Brush off the mud with a hard brush, making sure you do not scratch the Suede or leather.

If your shoes are leather, then we suggest for you to use polish in order for you to keep your shoes looking shiny. If the shoes are canvas, we would suggest hot soapy water to clean them with, rinsing with cold water. Suede shoes cannot be washed with water as they will show the water marks. Therefore, you will need to invest in a specific suede brush to help get marks out of them.


#2 keep them safely stored

In order to keep you shoes looking the best they can do, storing them well is essential. If they are thrown under the stairs for example, they are likely to get scratched and damaged. Therefore, keeping the shoe boxes they came in is a great way to save them from any unnecessary damage.

If you don’t have the right boxes for the right shoes…Why not take a photo of your shoes and stick it on the front of the box. This way you will be easily able to find which shoes are in which box.


#3 Where to store your boxes

If the season has come to an end and it is time to dig out the next seasons shoes. It is best to store your shoes is a sensible place in order for them to be looking good the next time you get them out.

Therefore, store your shoes away from very cold or very warm places, like a cellar or garage. Humidity can also damage your shoes which is why we suggest you store your shoes in an air tight box or bag.


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