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2017 Shoe Trends

2017 Shoe Trends

Looking for the upcoming shoe trends for spring 2017? Don’t worry Lunar shoes have you covered, from flats to heels, we have all the trends you need to make sure you are looking the best you possibly can this spring.


#1 High boots are going to stay

Our first top trend this year are high boots, these were a big hit towards the end of 2016, and it looks like they are going to stay. Wearing high boots will instantly add glamour to any outfit. A longer boot will slim and lengthen the leg creating a great overall look for any occasion.

Have a look at our range of high boots, whether it be heeled to dress up or flat boots to be more casual, we have them all.

From left to right: Lunar Thea Knee Length Boot, Lunar Brice Quilted Long Boot, Lunar Kiki Mixed Tone Long Boot


#2 Back to Kitten heels

Kitten heels have never been cooler. With them being comfier than the high heels, why wouldn’t you choose kitten heels?

Have a look at our effortlessly fashionable Kitten heels here.

From left to right: Lunar Cambell Striped Court, Lunar Honor Heeled Court, Lunar Celia Plain Low Court


#3 No more trainers

Over the past few years, the athletic look has been a big trend. With the ‘I just woke up like this’ athletic look taking a downfall, it looks like people are starting to opt for a more smarter look. Ballet flats are now taking over. Ballet shoes are the comfortable yet smart shoe, ready for any occasion.

Take a look at our flat ballet shoes, and get prepared for the spring showing off your new flats in style. Take a look here.

From left to right: Lunar Layton Pump, Lunar Magnolia Leather Pumps, Lunar Bermuda Leather Pump


#4 Shiny shoes?

We all like to shine our shoes now and then to make us look and feel better about ourselves, yet 2017 is offering us shoes that are shiny on a new level. The spring 2017 look is about to go a bit crazy and we are all going to own a pair of either gold, silver or bronze metallic shoes. Whether it be a pair of flat or heels, the metallic shoes are coming into season.

So why not take a look at our range of metallic shoes to get inspired this season.

From left to right: Lunar Alma Punched Leather Shoe, Lunar Mitchell Glitter Pump, Lunar Bethan Metallic Casual Shoe


#5 Wrap up now

These shoes are putting the emphasis on the ankle, with the wrapped material around the ankle making your foot look sophisticated and elegant. This look will be one of the biggest trends for occasion wear. Take a look at our page for these wrap-up shoes.

From left to right: Lunar Corby Multi Coloured Heel, Lunar Chiltern Heel, Lunar Tamsin Glitz Sandal